Southampton Football Club
August 6, 2020

NCT Leather is part of a Group of leading leather manufacturers who recognised the need to develop leadership potential for the future.  
There were 32 participants on the one-to-one leadership development programme designed and run by Anna Springett Consulting, which ran from 2017 to 2020, incorporating a deep dive assessment feeding into individualised leadership coaching.
Participants reported an average performance uplift of 32% across their coaching outcome areas, commenting: ‘The coaching helped me to reach conclusions for myself which had much more impact’, and ‘I received short term, medium term and long term benefit’.  

Kevin finished his programme journey in early 2018 saying ‘I want to further my career by using the skills I have learned, and continue to think more strategically to achieve my ambitions’.  Kevin emailed in 2020 to say ‘Thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me in our sessions… With your guidance, I got the opportunity of a career advancement role.  You gave me the confidence to go for it… and the role is going really well’

(Kevin Jamieson, Quality & Operational Excellence Manger, NCT Leather).